Summer Programs

Watch for details of our summer programming coming in June!


Did you pick up your copy of our Summer Bucket List? Download your copy or pick one up at the library.
Click on the links below to find ideas to help you check things off your list! 

Catch Bugs
Have A Picnic
Make Homemade Popsicles
Read 10 Books
Make Giant Bubbles
Go Geocaching
Make A Kite
Camp-out In The Backyard
Make S’mores Over A Fire
Go On A Nature Hike
Have A Water Balloon Fight
Have A Family Movie Night
Have A PJ Party
Go On A Scavenger Hunt*
Go Swimming
Make Ice Cream Sundaes
Play Frisbee
Tye-Dye A T-Shirt
Watch The Sunset
Make Playdough
Paint Rocks
Make A Bird Feeder
Complete A Puzzle
Visit A Museum
Fry An Egg On A Sidewalk
Play Hopscotch
Climb A Tree
Play Cards
Sleep Under The Stars
Make A Paper Boat To Float
Have A Tea Party
Watch Fireworks
Discover Constellations
Play Flashlight Tag
Watermelon Eating Contest
Go Bird Watching
Do A Science Experiment
Have A Lemonade Stand
Build A Fort
Run Through A Sprinkler
Play Lego
Sing Campfire Songs
Plant A Garden
Make Homemade Icecream
Go On A Bike Ride
Bake Cookies, Give Them To A Neighbour
Write A Letter And Mail It
Have A Block Party
Join The Summer Reading Program At The Library
Organize A Group Sport
Go To A Parade
Visit A Farm
Go Fishing
Go To A Farmers Market
A Drive In The Country
Visit A Senior
Visit A Historical Site
Play Tag
Random Act Of Kindness
Make A Dandelion Necklace
Watch The Clouds
Find A New Park Or Playground
Play I-Spy
Jump On A Trampoline
Play Golf
Decorate A Sidewalk With Chalk
DIY Spa Day
Paint A Canvas
Make A Pizza
Make A Rope Swing
Visit A Lake
Play Baseball
Pick Berries
Learn To Play An Instrument
Make Shadow Puppets
Play in The Rain
Make Homemade Jam
Build A House Of Cards
Fly Paper Airplanes
Watch A Thunderstorm
Write A Story
Thank Someone In Uniform
Bake And Decorate A Cake
Make A Summer Craft
Watch A Thunderstorm
Have A Sleepover
Donate To The Food Bank
Paint Pottery
Make A Slip n’ Slide
Go To A Festival
Go Camping
Play Jump Rope
Go To A Garage Sale
Play Hide n’ Go Seek
Hula Hoop
Play Board Games On A Rainy Day
Make A Solar Oven
Have A 3-Legged Race
Play In A Rain Puddle
Find 4-Leaf Clover
Make Invisible Ink, Write A Secret Message