Donation Policy

Donation Policy

The Library accepts donations of books and audio visual materials, however library materials receive a lot of wear and tear, so donations must be in excellent condition to stand up to the high use they may experience.  

Before you donate...

The library will accept: 

   ~ Books that have been published in the last five years and are in excellent condition
   ~ Recent bestsellers
   ~ Classics that are in excellent condition
   ~ Local history titles
   ~ DVD and Music CDs

Please be aware that the Library DOES NOT accept the following items:

   ~ Encyclopedias
   ~ Textbooks
   ~ Reader's Digest Condensed Books
   ~ Dated Information (old travel guides, medical books, science books)
   ~ Materials in less than excellent condition (torn, musty smelling, yellowed pages, ripped              covers)
   ~ Old magazines (more than 12 months old)
   ~ VHS or Cassette tapes

* You may drop off small donations (under 10 items) at any time during library open hours.
If you have a large quantity of items that you want to donate, the Library accepts large donations that fit the above criteria during the first week of May and the first two weeks of August as storage space is limited.

These times precede the Friends of the Library used book sales and items not entered into our collection will likely be passed on to the Friends of the Library.